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What are the benefits of becoming a DFWAA member?

DFW Aquarium Association was created in 2019 to bring the aquatic community together by conversing with like-minded enthusiasts. It is built by you and others in the aquatic community. Our community has grown exponentially in the past couple of years since we have hosted several fish swap meets and expos. Upon our success of aquatic shows, we are able to gain more feedback from the community, thus providing more expos. Here are just a few things we have accomplished and plan to create in the near future:

– 3 to 4 aquatic expos throughout the annual membership year.
– Exclusive membership gear.

– Free raffles for entry and aquatic goods.

– Membership e-cards that allow discounts to several aquatic shops in the DFW area.

– Early info on upcoming events and shows

– Every member has a voice in the organization.

– Members meetings throughout the year with board members.

– Learn from other breeders and experts.

– Fish auctions

– Aquatic plant trade

Check out our affiliated community page on Band app.
Where we buy and sell trade.

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