Auction Policies for Sellers


  • 9:00 doors open to the sellers. (Arrive earlier than later if you didn’t pre-register.)
  • 10:00 doors open to the public.  Buyers can browse seller’s items.
  • 11:00 Auction will begin and continue until the last item has been auctioned.
  • The auction is open to the public, $2 door fee to enter, children 13 and under are free.


  • Online registration for the sellers will be on the website and will close the Thursday before the auction. Sellers will pay their fees at time of registration.
  • Pre-Registering online before the Thursday night cut off will give the sellers a discount of $1 an item.
  • Colored Round Stickers will be used to randomize items, for example: Red, green, blue and yellow round stickers will be given to each seller. The seller puts one sticker on each item and puts the item on the appropriate color table (this ensures items are randomly selected to be auctioned).
  • Stickers for sellers will be assigned at random upon arrival at the auction. 
  • DFWAA will need from sellers: Name, Address, Phone Number, and Email. 
  • Once an item is put on a table by the seller it cannot be removed.
  • DFW Aquarium Association reserves the right to reject any item or fish with no refund of fees. Example: broken items, dead fish, sick fish, items/fish not bagged appropriately, etc.
  • We highly encourage all fish to be bagged with oxygen or use breather bags.  (Auctions can run long) 
  • All fish must be in fish bags. No ziplocks or other bags are acceptable.
  • DFWAA will have a rebagging station available. If a bag is found to be leaking, or fish need to be rebagged for any reason, it will be done for $2.00 per bag with the fee deducted from your total sold.
  • Larger fish may be kept in buckets, but the bucket becomes property of the buyer. We suggest you attach a photo of that fish on the bucket to deter people from handling the fish.
  • If it’s a breeding pair/group of fish the males and females should be separated into at least 2 different bags, and then the bags tied or otherwise attached together as one auction item using clear tape or something so they don’t get disconnected and are sold as one unit.
  • Items such as driftwood or decorations do not need to be bagged; however, they must be labeled appropriately.
  • Format for the label will be on the website in the form of a PDF. Labels can be created and printed using the PDF or the information otherwise attached or applied to the bag using this format.  
  • Every seller id will be assigned by DFWAA, the seller will receive their id via an email after registration.
  • Every fish bag MUST be labeled as follows:
  • Each item will have a unique label with a sequential number plus the item number. Examples below:
  • Seller’s id number assigned by DFWAA and item number: 
    • 001-001 (sellers 001’s first item number)
    • Species: Aulonocara Blue Neon
    • Specify if applicable: WC or F1, etc.,WC
    • How many fish in bag and note if  sexed, for instance : 6 Unsexed, or 1 male, 2 females
    • If you elect to have a reserve you must specify price for reserve or specify None: Reserve: None or $40.00
    • OPTIONAL:  List water parameters: Ph:6, GH: 7, KH: 10, TDS: 250, Temp: 74F
  • There is no limit to the number of sellers or the number of items per seller.

Sellers’ fees will be as follows:

  • 1 to 10 Items $3.50/item
  •  11 to 20 Items $3.25/item
  •  21  & Up  $3.00/item


  • If a seller wants their item auctioned off sooner than assigned, they can pay a $2 fee per item for it to be moved up. (Payable in cash only) 
  • The seller retains 100% of the auction sale price.
  • The seller will receive their payment from DFWAA within 7 days of the Auction.
  • If an item has no bids or doesn’t meet the reserve, it will be put aside on a special “no sale table” for sellers to collect. 
  • Any items unclaimed by the conclusion of the auction will be forfeited and distributed as seen fit. DFWAA will not be responsible for the items. No compensation will be expected or given for unclaimed items.


    • Plants will be done differently then other items.
    • Yes you can sell items/ fish in the live auction and Plants in the silent Auction.
    • Plants will be sold by a silent auction.
    • When you check in you’ll get the sheet to put with your plant(s).
    • The sheet will require your seller id number. It will require an item number starting with a P and then the number.
    • If you’d like to sell plants preregistration is $1 per plant or package.
    • Day of auction $1.50 per plant(s) bundle.
    • We are allowing up to 10 plant items per seller.
    • Plant silent auction will close at 3:00 pm and closing will be announced by the auctioneer.We will require the name of the plant(s) and how many are in the bundle.


Dwarf Sagittaria


Cash is preferred (ATM in hotel business center)

      • Zelle
      • PayPal (Friends & Family)
      • CashApp
      • Credit Card payments will have a 3.50% charge added to the amount to cover the fee that DFW Aquarium Association gets charged from Square.

Auction sellers: Please download/print the labels that we have created for your auction items. There are 4 labels per standard 8×10 page you can also write it all out on your bags if you wish. 

>>> AUCTION SELLER PDF format download




Here is an example of how to fill in your label.

Sellers to Pre-Register click a link below:


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