Auction Policies for Buyers


  • 9:00 doors open to the sellers. (Arrive earlier than later if you didn’t pre-register.)
  • 10:00 doors open to the public.  Buyers can browse seller’s items.
  • 11:00 Auction will begin and continue until the last item has been auctioned.
  • The auction is open to the public, $2 door fee to enter, children 13 and under are free.


  • To be a buyer you must pay your $5 fee and be registered before you can bid. 
  • No registration means no bidding, no exceptions.
  • At registration: To bid you will be assigned a buyer’s number card, and will need to provide your Name, Address, Phone Number, and Email.
  • If a buyer wants to move an item up to be auctioned off sooner they can pay a $2 fee for that item to be auctioned off at that time. (Payable in cash only)
  • Once an item is won/sold the item will go to the winning bidder. 
  • When the buyer is ready to leave they can get their invoice and go to the cashier to check out.
  • The buyer will get their invoice stamped and signed.
  • The invoice will need to be verified and marked at the door before exiting the building with purchases.
  • DFWAA will have a rebagging station available. If a bag is found to be leaking, or fish need to be rebagged for any reason, it will be done for $2.00 per bag cash only.


  • Cash is preferred 
  • PayPal (Friends & Family)
  • Credit Card payments will have a 3.50% charge added to the amount to cover the fee that DFW Aquarium Association gets charged.


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