The DFW Aquarium Association was formed on November 1st, 2019. Our mission is to provide a means to unite fishkeepers in the Dallas/Fort Worth greater metropolitan area. And to expand and further the fish-keeping hobby. We started small. First, we got a few of the more active members on social media groups in the area and had a round table to toss around ideas. We decided to try to organize swaps at local pet stores and other locations that would have us, and then the occasional large, area-wide events. Our first swaps were hosted at pet stores like Odyssey Pets and Pet Supermarket. Our first large event, we called the DFW Aquatic Expo, was held in February at the Webb Recreation Center in Arlington. Despite the hall being too small (100 people due to Covid restrictions), we thought it was a huge success. We drew a massive crowd, some of whom waited more than an hour to get in.

We created the DFW Aquarium Association with the following objectives in mind:

  • To promote interest in and further the Fresh and Saltwater aquarium hobbies.
  • To provide a friendly, respectful environment for learning and the free exchange of ideas and information.
  • To promote proper animal husbandry and health
  • Hobbyist helping hobbyist, no matter experience level, from day one to 50 years experience.
  • Run by members for members with equal say.


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