Sue Sue Co-founder of the DFWAA and owner of A-Z Aquatic LLC and it’s beneficiary DFW Aquatic Rescue. Sue manages several facebook groups such as DFW Fish Keepers and DFW Amphibian & Reptile Keepers as well as many other aquatic and reptile community pages on Facebook.
President Fish Board position (President) is currently in transition.
Evan Evan (Treasurer) Co-founder of the DFWAA, Treasurer, and Sue’s lackey.
Salina Salina (Co-Treasurer) TBA
Chevy Chevy (Event Manager) Design, creation and execution of events layout, set up and schedule.
David David Taylor (Accounting, Compliance and Tax) “I run African Cichlids & More. I have African Cichlids, Plecos, Angel Fish, and Discus. I have 35 years of keeping fish. I started keeping fish when I was about 10 years old by winning goldfish at the carnival, which my dad at first didn’t like but I took care of them. I did everything wrong by doing 100% water changes scrubbing the tank clean and rinsing off the substrate and feeding them graham crackers but they stayed alive. Then I eventually moved to African Cichlids but they weren’t what see today there were no OB’s and most weren’t as colorful. I did have times with no fish with growing when in high school and college”
Vina (Webmaster & Membership Officer) I am the webmaster for and membership coordinator/promoter. I also make and provide wearable gear for the organization and well as fun aquatic-themed shirts.
Board position (Director of Approved Sellers, Committee Members & Volunteers ) currently in transition.
Darian (Director of Special Programs BAP/HAP + Future Programs) Owner of Repzotics.
Liz (Secretary) TBA
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