Sue (Chief Executive Officer)

Co-founder and business owner of A-Z Aquatic LLC and DFW Aquatic Rescue. She also manages DFW Fish Keepers, as well as other aquatic community pages on Facebook.

Evan Evan (Treasurer)

Co-founder, Treasurer, and Sue’s lackey.

David Taylor (President)

“I run African Cichlids & More. I have African Cichlids, Plecos, Angel Fish, and Discus. I have 35 years of keeping fish. I started keeping fish when I was about 10 years old by winning goldfish at the carnival, which my dad at first didn’t like but I took care of them. I did everything wrong by doing 100% water changes scrubbing the tank clean and rinsing off the substrate and feeding them graham crackers but they stayed alive. Then I eventually moved to African Cichlids but they weren’t what see today there were no OB’s and most weren’t as colorful. I did have times with no fish with growing when in high school and college”

Vina (Webmaster & Membership Officer)

I am the webmaster for and membership coordinator/promoter. I also make and provide wearable gear for the organization and well as fun aquatic-themed shirts.

John (Executive Director)

Hello, I’m the owner of DFW Aquatics in Denton, Tx. DFW Aquatics can be found on Facebook or Band. I’ve been in the aquarium hobby since I was a kid but it’s sure grown since then. I keep a variety of fish, planted tanks, and enjoy the breeding and raising side of the aquarium hobby. Breeding and raising quality Apistogrammas, Plecos, Shrimp, Snails, and other fish in a planted tank to me is perfect. When I’m not enjoying the aquarium hobby I can be found hiking a long trail. I’ve hiked around 7400 miles since 2019.  I enjoy helping others I believe that’s why I was brought on the board. If anyone ever needs anything even if it’s just advice or to talk feel free to reach out on one of the platforms listed above.

Visit me: DFW Aquatics on Band or FaceBook

  Salina (Co-Treasure)


Liz (Secretary)


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